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Healing Essential & CBD Oils

We believe a holistic approach to wellness is the best way to heal quickly in all areas of life. CBD Therapeutics of Wisconsin and MKE CBD are our Wisconsin-based CBD healing products of choice. We also carry locally grown hemp flower (by hard working Wisconsin farmers) with varying legal percentages. You may purchase these 100% organic hemp-based items at Riverside Studio in Rochester Wisconsin during store hours, Friday 3:00PM-6:30PM and Saturday 11AM-2PM or during any attended yoga or healing session. Prices vary and consultations in store are advised.

Our TOP Sellers

Isolated CBD Hemp Oil. Great for kids and pets or a beginners dose.
Broad Spectrum meaning more cannabanoids for your healing pleasure. Wonderful mid-grade dosage for decreasing anxiety and pain of any level. You can only go up from here!
Contains .3% THC. A pharmaceutical therapy oil. Helps with everything!
PreRoll 1gram
Pre-rolled hemp flower so you don't have to do the hard work.Tastes great and helps heal ailments quickly.
Rub it on and take off the pain. Convenient and smells good too!
Setiva Bubblegum
Smoke this locally grown hemp flower with .3% THC. Ah-mazing and soothing.
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Rub it on and take off the pain. Convenient and smells good too!