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Updated: Feb 18

Before I get into details, I often wonder how to present such peculiar information when not everyone on this planet believes we are born with gifts and talents that seem "out of this world". So, to not offend any loved ones or individuals filled with judgement, I will give you the option here to discontinue reading this blog entry knowing that I will be speaking about being an energy healing practitioner that practices medium work. If that's not your jam, here is where you stop reading.

If you are reading this sentence, thank you for sticking with me. You likely are curious with an open mind, or you are have come into your own personal gifts and would like to relate to my story, or you are seeking healing yourself and want to see if we are a good match for working together. Regardless, I am happy to share with you how I spent my childhood wondering about certain things regarding my now understood gifts. I am happy to report about how I came into these gifts with much more certainty in recent years. I will also happily express my Gratitude for the gifts I have been blessed with and how grateful I am to use them for healing my community, large and small, near and far.

As a child, I always felt very connected to everyone and everything around me. I could walk into a room and know who felt what and sometimes even why. I could see vibrant colors surrounding people and swear on multiple occasions that I have seen a fairy.

I understand it now as being an Empath with intuitiveness. I was always very grounded. It served me well since it helped me feel less anxious in my surroundings and life experiences, and all those times I walked into a room and sensed all those things. I lived a fairly average life. School, extra-curricular, sleep overs and a basic fear of bad weather. I did, however, get to adventure at a young age including a trip to Australia and New Zealand as a Student Ambassador. This trip instantly gave me worldly perspective, which I am so grateful for in today's world. More on this some other time.

Being connected to everything at such a young age gave me many opportunities to feel deeply about things. And to help family and friends feel through their deep feelings. Sometimes my feelings got me into trouble and landed me the unforgettable and hurtful nickname, "Baby Diaper Face". Any way, I have memories of listening to people speak of their hardships. I would creatively take their words and send them to the sky, imagining God taking them all away. It never failed... those people, whose words I sent upward, would always comment to me about being a "bright light".

Later in life, I took one of those future career quizzes which told me I would become a healer, a Light Worker. I believed it but never knew what it meant. To add to this thought, I participated in a missions trip through my childhood church during my high school years. Our youth group traveled by car to South Dakota from Illinois. We worked on a Native American Reservation. I happened to be scheduled to work as the interior painter for the local Medicine Man's home. During my week long stay, he and I bonded. He left me with some carved sticks with stars at the ends, nicknaming me "Chicago Star", because I made everything so bright for him. What a gesture! What an insight!

I was about 8 or 9 years old when my great uncle passed away. I was not very close to him which drove me to curiosity when he came to me in a dream the night he passed away. We spoke. We had a full conversation. I knew he had passed before my family was formerly told. I informed the people who needed to know about my dream and my story was accepted as interesting. However, I realize now that this was a spirit visitation. Whenever it happens now, I know that the moment is meant for me to decipher the messages coming through in order to help people on Earth heal.

When my grandmother passed away, I saw her holding the wing of my airplane as I flew from Illinois to Florida to bury her body. When in Florida, I had some time to speak with her sister, my great aunt (no relation to the previous story) explained to me how she was sleeping and my grandmother visited her in a dream. They sat together and had a full conversation about her death and what my great aunt was to do to cope. I appreciated that we had a common experience since I was young enough, and unaware enough, to truly comprehend what all of this meant. My great aunt has since passed and has visited me many times.

So, over the years I have honed in on my interests with regard to light work, energy work and all things related to the "witchy" world. I have created my whole life to be centered around these ideas of spirituality, conscious healing, the Law of Attraction and using the Spirit World, Astrology and Divine Connection. If you already follow me, you likely have seen my business Chi, Trees & Oils, which includes products and services to help people nearby and far heal and get well, Mind, Body and Soul.

It's funny how when you look back at your journey, you can see why God led you down a certain road. Much of my coming into my gifts journey has been like that. Part of my career was spent working as a Chiropractic Assistant. I learned so much about the body and how it heals naturally. I was introduced to Essential Oils and Yoga during this job, as well as the benefits of being a proactive wellness person versus a reactive healthcare based person. This was my beginning to getting certified in all I could so I would be able to work towards my own healing and wellness business. I, again, didn't know this was my path. I was just being shown the way. Following the intuitive steps.

Let it be known that not everything in our life is shown to us. We are not shown the way towards evil. We are not shown the way towards bad decisions. We are always given options with Free Will. We are shown Light to the path that would lead us to our Higher Self, getting us closer to God, and Love.

"Shown the way" is a funny term. Who or what is showing the way? During many classes I have taken, I have been taught about Guides. Guides show us the way. We all have them, but not everyone learns how to communicate with them. Or even wants to. Many nights I have spent praying to see and know my Guides. I would meditate and feel feelings of entities surrounding me in almost every big experience I had ever had. Flashbacks consumed me, showing me how I truly was being led, nudged and shown how to proceed so that I served my Higher Self, ultimately serving our Universal Consciousness.

The day my Guides showed up by showing themselves to me, I was in shock and awe. They were beautiful, silly and totally Divine. I thought I was going crazy, but I just remained connected and invited in feelings of Gratitude. My Guides help me see the other side. The Spirit world. They speak to me daily and give me concrete, relevant information in the moment that will serve purpose in lifting the energy and bringing in Light. I am so proud they have chosen me to assist with connection to Divine and Spirit. I am learning to work with them on a much deeper level.

Long before my Guides came into the picture, I was studying the idea of "Dark Soul of the Night". If you research it, please know that we all go through it at some point in our lives and we all have very different stories, purposes, reasons, feelings and connections. We are all gifted, but only some choose to step into it. Only some choose to wake up. Only some are curious past what they have been conditioned to know and believe. "Black sheep" tend to break cycles and I know I am a black sheep. I am happy to be one. Bah!

Nonetheless, I thought I experienced my Dark Night of the Soul when my parents had divorced, or when I lost a young friend to a car accident, or when I lost friends when going separate ways after high school, or when I was kicked out of college for smoking pot, or when I had multiple miscarriages. The list goes on with bad, down-in-the-dumps experiences. However, none of those situations had ever made me feel disconnected and unable to move forward. And remember as I mentioned above, none of the yucky experiences were being shown to me. They were just life experiences that I gave me special takeaways. My Dark Night of the Soul came in my mid-30's and allowed me to shift myself in such a way, that my heart went from broken, desperate to be loved to whole, full of forgiveness and understanding. This was not an overnight shift. It has taken years to even speak clearly about it. My Guides always wish me to spend more time with personal self-care, but I selfishly disregard so I can continue helping others' instead. Burnout opportunity? For sure. What can I say, I love what I do.

As I processed my Dark Night of the Soul pain, I simultaneously took more energy healing courses, became certified in Yoga and practiced working with energy and my Guides to heal myself and others'. With all the modalities at my fingertips of how to shift perspective and work with the Laws of the Universe, I began to hone in on my gifts. My connection to the Spirit world started to become more in tune. Crossed over individuals began working with me to communicate to their still living loved ones. And it just kept happening with more clear information each time. Again, I thought I was crazy, but have continued to listen to the nudges from my Guides and these Spirits, and have yet to let a client down. It is amazing work. God knows how appreciative I am to be able to work for Him in this capacity. It is beautiful to be a Medium.

This interesting work has become more important in recent months with Covid-19 and the worldly events that have taken place since. People of all walks of life are waking up. People everywhere are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Not because of Corona but because generations upon generations of trauma, hurt, pain and programming from a place of evil have diseased us. Or, dis-eased us rather.

Clients are coming to me to let go of all these burdensome aches and pains. Connecting with passed loved ones is just a portion of the wonder behind healing. Balancing energy in the physical body and cleansing at a cellular level is just as important. It is my absolute pleasure to offer services that include many different modalities for ultimate healing. In fact, I finally listened to my Guides and took some time to Self Care. I had a Energy Healing session from a fellow Reiki Practitioner who has become a friend. She worked on me, connected with my passed loved ones and told me that my gifts were becoming more important and should be tuned into more with the intent to heal the world more, especially now. Message received. Thank you for showing me the way. Thank you for confirming my gifts. Thank you for my gifts. Thank you to the people who use them for the Greater Good.

If you've stuck it out and read through to here, thank you. You have committed to yourself to open-minded thinking. I hope you have found a connection to my story and are willing to seek out the purpose for your Higher Self.

Be well. Now, and for a lifetime.

Love and Light.


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