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He Chose Me Because He Could See My Light

I will never forget one of the first times I mistook a Spirit for an alive human being.

My client walked in for her appointment where we were planning to connect with her passed loved one. However, I was unaware she would be bringing another person with her. As she, and this man, walked into the studio together, I must have nearly fallen to the floor when I spoke out lour to them, but soon realized there was only one person.

The man had vanished out of his flesh-like costume and back into ether.

I am not going to lie. I was taken back by this experience. But, I paused and asked him to tell me why he chose to come to me with her today. He politely told me that he could see my light and he knew I wouldn't be upset to know that he or my client had partaken in street drugs. He mentioned he had seen cannabis flower in my possession. That actually made me giggle.

Spirit works in awesome, mysterious ways.

After spending some time in communication with this Spirit, I was directed back to my client. I asked her a series of questions and then paused for more time with the man. This pause was the longest, most exciting pause of my entire energy healing career. After the pause, I was able to confirm with my client that the man who walked in with her clear as day was, in fact, her deceased husband.

Here is the best part. Please do not mistake my joy as a replacement for the tragedy that took place. My clients husband has recently been murdered by gun point. Through our session, we were able to uncover so missing pieces to the entire puzzle. These emotional pieces were eloquently put into words so that my client could fluently present her case in court. Yes, she was a first hand witness.

Without that session, she would not have the final confirmation she needed, the communicated last words she longed for and the hug she craved. As she laid on my table, a cold breeze blew over her body as we spoke to her husbands spirit. It was beautiful, raw, emotional and absolutely necessary for both of their souls to grow.

I thank the Universe every day for the gifts I have been blessed with. I will continue to be the Light for you and your passed loved ones. I will always be found. I will always help them communicate to you.

If you are seeking some connection to a passed family or friend, or even a pet, reach out to me. I will be your Light.

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