Working With Energy

I work with energy. And, so do you.

We all do because everything is energy. Dare I say, energy is everything?

It really is.

Energy is everything because everything, even non-living things and abstract things, carry a frequency. Frequencies determine if the energy is high or low, positive or negative, good or bad.

Energy flows through us, our planet, the walls of our home and the water we bathe in. Energy flows through our movements and thoughts. Yes, even our thoughts carry a frequency. Thoughts can be measured.

In fact, it has been scientifically proven that we can imagine running a marathon in our minds and our bodies will respond without ever lifting a foot. Our hearts will beat faster, our pits may begin to sweat and we may even have a heavier breathing pattern.

Nonetheless, the point here is that we all work with energy because it is what makes us.

I chose to work with energy specifically to heal damaged energy fields. My main job is to empower individuals to heal their own personal traumas and pain bodies so that their energy body is well all the time, and for a lifetime.

In a way, my job is to set souls free from the energy that burdens them.

Depression, stress, anxiety, loss, loneliness, addiction, and the list goes on. These are some of the ways damaged energy can show up in the emotional energy field.

Chronic headaches, soar throat, sinus issues, heart palpitations, breathing issues, back pain, belly pain, food allergies, leg and foot pain are just a short list of ways damaged energy can show up in the physical body. These things are sometimes known as disease, or "dis-ease".

When I decided I wanted to help people become healthy and well, mind, body and soul, I knew that working with energy would be the only way to get to the root cause of most individuals dis-ease. This is where years of practicing my Intuitive Empathic gifts and years of training courses would come in very handy.

Honing in on the skills of working with energy will likely be a lifetime course for me. My gifts are ever evolving (more on that in a different post) and each individual client deserves different, customized attention, so I need to know when and how to shift my own energy. In addition, working with energy requires a high level of personal protection. Not because there is negative energy involved, but because the crossover of damaged energy from one thing/person to another is very easily possible. I like to "bubble up" and layer a thick cloud of Light around my body when working with other people.

So, I love working with energy as energy speaks to me through its frequencies. Think back to grade school science when you were introduced to the light spectrum. You were taught that each color emits a different frequency on the scale therefore the color was able to be seen through that light wave. This is how my senses operate.

Prior to being Reiki trained, I was able to see Aura's on people and plants and sometimes objects. After Reiki training, I was able to identify colors through the Aura's that allowed me to identify damaged (and sometimes cleared) energy fields. I am able to determine where individuals have physical pain, as well as if it's been a long time since he or she has prayed. Sometimes I even scare myself with the energy wisdom that pours from me when working with clients.

Seeing color frequency is a gift, I know. Which is why I will continue to use it for the greater good of all.

You may be asking yourself what I do once I identify ones energy, or damaged energy. Well, I cleanse it, clear it, balance it, send it on its way, but most importantly, the client and I will dissect it while discussing it. I always let my guests know what I discover and then we discuss it, get to the bottom of WHY this energy is stuck and damaged. We uncover truths together that, in the long run, will be released to move forward toward Light...towards peace and healing.

I work with energy. I want you to be able to work well with yours too.

If you are interested in a Reiki session to begin to release your damaged energy fields, please reach out. I am always available for a discovery call if you would like to get to know me first.

Be well, now and for a lifetime.

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