Reviews of Canna Infuzion's Farm Teams Lifter and Suver strain from 2019:


CBD Smoke Doctor – This lifter is loaded with trichomes and has a powerful gassy smell. The flavor is sweet dank and floral. The texture is top notch on the artisan level and is beautifully manicured. The effects are very uplifting. Hands down one of the best lifters to hit my lungs. 


Medicated Squirrel – Fresh, sticky, moist flowers that are robust with flavor and scent in a way I’ve never experienced. The flavor of spicy, citrus, wood and a note of pineapple. This lifter strain and this company have really blown my mind. 


Loner Mob – Smells funky with gas, fruit, and pine in there. These buds are really frosty, dense, and sticky. The sweet taste breaks down into a flavorful smoke with some funk on it, a little bit of spice to it, some pine there, and some hints of fuel and gas. Immediately, I start to notice a good relaxation and a certain level of alertness. In terms of Lifters, this is one of my favorites. 


Hemp Adventures – These are very fresh, very resinous flowers. They’re giving me a Boveda. I’m keeping that Boveda (to reuse) until it’s crunchy. The lifter is really, really sweet. It’s like desert. It’s a little savory, a little cheezy, a little funky. The Lifter was good and potent. I would give this a 10 out of 10 first experience, for both of them (Lifter and Suver Haze). 


Joseph da Realist – This Lifter smells good guys. You definitely get like a fruity citrus, piney, and a little bit of earth. This is definitely some fire; I love it. Most of it is straight up lime green with a whole bunch of orange hairs. This is definitely some good top quality flower. Everything is on point. You can taste the citrus. You definitely gotta get some of this Lifter.  


Best Bud is used – top bud from strongest plants


  • USDA Certified OrganicOutdoors – clean rural Wisconsin
  • Small Family Farm – quality comes first
  • Organic Fertilizer – not from industrial farms
  • Transparency – Lab Tested – accurate ISO/IEC accredited results



Total CBD: 16.96%

Total CBG: 0.33%

THC-Δ9: 0.27%  

Total THC: 0.5908%


Special Sauce hemp flower contains < 0.3% Delta-9-THC. Using this product may result in a failed drug test.

Hemp Flower Special Sauce CBD

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