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JessieV's School of Reiki

Where Reiki's Best Kept Secrets are Brought to Life

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Your Reiki Master Instuctor ~
Jessie Vyvyan

Reiki is a Japanese healing practice using Universal Life Force Energy. Reiki is a gift we can all receive to heal, transform, and uplift. It is a treasure to learn Reiki and even more valuable when it is applied. I enjoy using Reiki in my personal healing sessions, but I absolutely LOVE teaching Reiki and passing on the Usui Flame through my incredibly sacred Reiki Attunement Ceremony.

I am attuned to, practice, and teach The Mohr Method of Healing by Lisa Mohr, Reiki's Best Kept Secret. This particular method is the only certification program that teaches the law of attraction, energy protection, energy hygiene, portal creation, psychic development and more.

If you are being called to learn Reiki, there are several ways you can work with me. The breakdown is listed below. In the meantime, book a Reiki Session with me to experience Reiki first-hand, as well as to uplevel yourself, Mind, Body & Soul.

Ways to work with JessieV at The School of Reiki

Energy Healing

I want more info about Reiki. Send me info!

Thanks for inquiring!

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