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JessieV - Owner

A true Jack of all trades, JessieV is a skilled Reiki Master, Intuitive Empath with incredible healing abilities. As a homesteading wife, homeschool mom, successful business owner, world traveler, proven performer, creative writer, wellness coach, community leader,  and conduit for Spirit, JessieV has the knowledge and talent it takes to help you uplevel to your best, most authentic version of SELF. She is a brilliant connector of consciousness.

Hi! I'm JessieV! I'm the Founder of Chi, Trees and Oils - A Collective of Healers, Helpers and Lightworkers!

Everything I have ever done in my life was never done half ass-ed. I have always given my all. I have always been all in. More importantly, I have always put my true, authentic self out there. I let my weird flag fly!

When I founded Chi, Trees and Oils, I had a vision to help hundreds, if not thousands, of people discover their best version of SELF, Mind, Body & Soul. Along the way, a tribe has established of other soulful healers that have the same mission as I. Together, we are making a difference in our community and beyond.

My personal experiences, my story, my skills and talents, and my BIG WHY are inspiring others' everywhere, and for good reason. We are in a time of significant change and many of us are in need of some honest and empowering guidance. We need to feel safe, accepted, and seen.

As always, let your Light shine bright. ~ JessieV

JessieV Sound Healing
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