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101 N. Front St.

Rochester, Wisconsin 53105

Tel: 414-241-8297

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Hi, I'm JessieV!

I am a wife, mother, marketing fanatic (click here to see a list of my happy clients), certified yoga instructor, Reiki and energy healing practitioner, retired baton twirler, homesteader, homeschool teacher to my beautiful children and a conscious creator of my own reality. I truly feel I most identify with being an Intuitive Empath. I have come in to these gifts within the last several years after going through my own Dark Night of the Soul journey. (Ask me what that means.) I used many healing modalities to clear my own energy blockages, heal deep wounds and clear out patterns and behaviors that I was programed to believe were my own. I strive daily to be healthy, and though I am human, I feel confident that I am here to be a Lightworker. I am here to spread knowledge of true wellness through healing, clearing energy blocks and balancing our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. But, I want all of us to have fun getting there. I want our community to be well, to be whole and to be full of love. Follow me and my family on Instagram--->