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Certified 300hr Yoga Instructor

Energy Healing Practitioner

Meditation Coach & Guide

Sound Healing Practitioner

Wellness Lifestyle & Soul Coach

Essential Oils Wellness Advocate

Reiki Master

Intuitive Empath

Cosmic Medium

About Us

I am JessieV, owner and operator of this shindig! I am a wife, mother, healer and creator.

Chi, Trees and Oils offers healing services and tools, located inside Riverside Studio, A Crystal Apothecary Shop & Wellness Center,  a go-to space for all things wellness, Mind, Body & Soul. I personally provide energy healing services including Reiki, Soul Coaching and Yoga, as well as host super fun events usually scheduled around Sacred Earth Events. Full Moon Meditations and Equinox Gatherings are especially my favorite.

Fun fact: I am Claircognizant and an Intuitive Empath. I love using my gifts and working with people to assist with healing energy blockages caused by trauma, painful triggers, ancestral trauma, ascension symptoms and lifestyle choices. My best friend and husband, Jacob, assists with the practice. He offers painting classes and other  creative art therapy sessions. You'll see him around. And, we will see you!

Be well.

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Yoga at Home


Jessie is an all around amazing women from her personality, to her teachings, and her workspace. You will enter it feeling enlightened and at peace. There is something to offer everyone from her products, her services, events, and guidance.

Wellness Coach


Jessie is an amazing healer who inspires people to connect to their true selves. She provides a variety of classes, services and exciting community events to her clients and the community.  A true gem.

Child's Pose


I have done a couple yoga classes and WOW do I feel so relaxed and ready for the day. The studio is so beautiful and peaceful.