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Hello! I am JessieV, a wife, homeschool mom, spiritual health & wellness coach, and intuitive energy healer. I founded Chi, Trees & Oils in 2018 after having my own spiritual awakening. I began to practice the Laws of the Universe, manifesting my dreams quickly. I tuned into my God-given gifts and began to show up as my most authentic self... as a healer, educator, and creator. I operate my business out of two different locations. I opened Riverside Studio - A Crystal Apothecary Shop & Wellness Center in Rochester in 2019 and began offering my services inside Honey Creek Collective in East Troy in 2023, where I also own and operate my second storefront, The Crystal Farmacy. So, welcome! I am so glad you are here. My focus is to assist people who desire spiritual coaching and holistic healing. I help people "UPLEVEL" their lives by educating and empowering them with the services and tools I provide or are provided by my fellow healers. Yes, I have a team of healers I love to work alongside!  My educational background and decades of experience in the energy healing space allows me to view the whole person (Mind, Body, and Soul) creating individualized plans for healing, ascension, and an overall greater awareness and acceptance of the SELF. My work brings you, the client,  on a journey of awakening, breaking old thought patterns, establishing new ways of thinking, implementing healthy habits, trying creative approaches to transforming your lifestyle, and truly upleveling all aspects of your life. I use my Intuitive Empath gifts (Channeling Spirit, Reiki Energy, and Claircognizance), as well as my years of continuing education and experience, to meet my clients exactly where they need me to be.

I will hold space for YOU safely.

I work out of two convenient locations!


Chi means Prana Energy, or Source Energy, and that is exactly the energy I work with as a healer. Working with me is like having an antenna connected directly to the Universe and Spirit. Trees are solid, sacred beings. My intention for all my clients and guests is to help them find their own Sacred Tree. Oils found in my stores and treatment rooms come from Earth and are meant to heal deeply, at a cellular level. Put Chi, Trees and Oils together and you have yourself a safe space, held just for you, that has zero judgement, competition, or expectations. I, my family, and team of special healers and suppliers welcome you. We are filled with joy holding space for you, your loved ones, and all your healing. 



Work with JessieV

I have a nice ala carte list of services, all of which are customized for your individual needs. I use my claircognizant gifts and learned skills while holding sacred space for you. It would be an honor to do good work with you.

Work with a Team Member

I work alongside amazing healers and alternative wellness practitioners. You can find a connection with your tribe when so many like-minded energy workers share space. There is always someone inside both our locations who is ready and willing to help.

Group Sessions

Healing, growing, shifting and upleveling can be tough work. Join our regularly scheduled group sessions to share space with others', healing alongside supportive, compassionate beings. All our welcome.

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