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Jacob Vyvyan, Co-Owner of Chi, Trees and Oils,

Riverside Studio - A Crystal Apothecary & Wellness Center,

and The Crystal Farmacy, is the proud founder of

Plant Daddy Greens!

JacobV has suffered with "belly issues" his entire life. It wasn't until a legitimate cancer scare that he learned what was causing all of his symptoms. Through the process of food elimination, and extensive testing, Jacob learned the best medicine is to follow a FODMAP diet. Sadly, some of the favorite foods on the short list of acceptable options still upset his guts, growing his frustration and anxiety.

Through much research and trial, Jacob discovered micro-greens worked wonders at meeting his nutritional needs, dietary restrictions and desire to fight off cancer-causing pathogens. Plant Daddy Greens is a LIFE SAVER.

Urban microgreen farm. Eco-friendly small business. Baby leaves, phytolamp.jpg

There are several microgreen varieties to taste and explore how it works for your body.

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