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Burning sage/smudging to cleanse an area/aura has been a Native American practice for thousands of years. Smudging allows you to clear your space/aura of negative energies that have built up over time or maybe you've just encountered a toxic situation and you need some instant relief. Burning sage is a great way to clear the air. Unfortunately, there are times when it's not convenient (or allowed) to burn sage. Raven’s Hearth GO SMUDGE YOURSELF is perfect for those times. Made with Full Moon Charged Spring Water and essential oils of Sage, Cedar, Lavender, and Lemon, this spray is also infused with the energies of Charged Clear Quartz, the super-magical, all-purpose energy healer. This spray is available in a 4 oz spray bottle. Organic Natural. Available in plastic or glass bottles. Smudge, sage, spiritual, cleansing, spring cleaning, energy, metaphysical, spa, small batch, woman owned, spray, crystals, Crystal spray

Go Smudge Yourself Spray

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