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CLINICAL HERBALIST-CRAFTED FORMULA FOR ENERGY & FOCUS*: Made with potent herbs used for centuries and proven by science to deliver lasting energy without the crash while providing antioxidants, and mental focus. 100% PLANT-BASED & VEGAN INGREDIENTS: Featuring antioxidant-rich Japanese matcha green tea, nutritious chlorella, and adaptogen Siberian ginseng. Combined with creamy coconut milk and pea protein for a delicious matcha-based energy tonic. POWERFUL RESULTS: According to a survey conducted on existing customers, 88% of participants thought Slay All Day™ was an effective replacement for their regular caffeinated beverage. THIRD-PARTY TESTED: Slay All Day™ is third-party tested for quality and efficacy. 20-DAY SUPPLY: 1 jar of Slay All Day™ contains 20 servings, enough to enjoy lasting energy and focus nearly every day of the week. Combine with warm milk of choice or mix with water for energy without the crash.

Slay All Day™ Japanese Matcha Powder, Energy, Focus & Stress

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