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CLINICAL HERBALIST-CRAFTED FORMULA FOR STRESS, INFLAMMATORY SUPPORT, AND RELAXATION*: Made with potent herbs used for centuries and proven by science to ease feelings of stress, support the immune system, and provide natural relaxation. 100% PLANT-BASED & VEGAN INGREDIENTS: Featuring antioxidant-rich acai berry, stress-soothing jujube date, and nervous system-supporting motherwort. Combined with healthy fats from MCT oil for a nourishing red wine-inspired herbal tonic. POWERFUL RESULTS: One teaspoon of Stop Your Wine-ing® is enough to promote evening relaxation minus the alcohol, sugar, or hangover. Take any time you’re looking for stress and relaxation support. AN EFFECTIVE ALCOHOL REPLACEMENT: According to a survey conducted on existing customers, 88% of participants thought Stop Your Wine-ing® was an effective replacement for their typical alcoholic beverages while over 50% reported feeling more calm and relaxed after taking Stop Your Wine-ing®. 1-MONTH SUPPLY

Stop Your Wine-Ing® Non-Alcoholic Red Wine Alternative

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